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Meet The Founder 

Dr. Taylor Dee

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Founder and Owner, Dr. Taylor D. Spencer, is a former teacher turned song-singing, children’s author, educator, and entrepreneur that believes that everyone has a calling and special place on Earth. Taylor's love for the arts and children started at a young age and progressed as she grew up. After becoming a teacher and being called to business, Taylor initiated several educational businesses to serve educators, leaders, and students.

Along her entrepreneurial journey Taylor reconnected with college friend Christopher Spence, a former fellow choir member and former teaching colleague. They crossed community paths as educators by day and performers by night, as they sang in weddings, performed in musicals, and created music for children and adults across the community. Chris and Taylor thought it would be cool to establish a creative arts preschool to cultivate the gifts of younger students through play, movement, and the arts through a preschool and school age program model. Through much conversation, planning, and brainstorming the concept, Wonder Academy was founded, and Taylor went on to start and open the first Wonder Academy.
Taylor is extremely passionate about her endeavors, in hopes to inspire others like you to impact in YOUR lane! As a passionate, fun-loving native of Boiling Springs, South Carolina, Taylor’s mission is to promote learning the arts such as music, movement, and literacy across the world. Taylor loves engaging students, leaders, and educators.
She holds Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University, a Clemson University Master's Degree in Youth Development Leadership, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Preschool and Elementary Education from Liberty University and Winthrop University . As a former elementary teacher, Taylor now impacts more learners on a larger scale. Taylor is the owner of  Right Now Works Education Agency and Taylor Dee Kids TV.
Through her educational consulting services and resources, Taylor specializes in developing and enhancing youth programs by making learning experiences more engaging, and she enjoys teaching the importance of leadership, culture, self-care, alongside the human aspects of the world of work in education. Most importantly Taylor strives to positively impact as many kids and educators as she possibly can, and she is now thankful for the opportunity to unlock children’s natural talents through education and the arts at Wonder Academy. 

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