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Our Programs

Enrichments Program

Wonder Academy offers a multitude of enrichment programs for your child, included in the cost of tuition.  Children will unlock their natural gifts through music, movement, language enrichment, and  art.

Music Mondays

with Ms. Donna

Embark on a musical journey with Ms. Donna, where children from infants to Prekindergarten (4-year-olds) explore the world of music. Through engaging lessons, Ms. Donna introduces a variety of instruments, from acoustic guitar to egg shakers, ensuring an enriching experience. Each lesson is thoughtfully tailored to the classroom setting, providing age-appropriate learning opportunities for every child.


Immersion Tuesdays

with Ms. Daisy

Embark on a journey into the Spanish language every Tuesday with our Immersion Class, guided by Ms. Daisy! Designed for children aged 2 and up, including those in after-school programs, this class focuses on developing conversational Spanish skills in a fun and interactive environment. Through games, storytelling, and engaging activities, children will learn essential vocabulary and phrases while building confidence in speaking Spanish. With Ms. Daisy's supportive guidance, young learners will unlock the door to a new language and culture. Join us and watch your child flourish as they become proficient Spanish speakers.

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Workout Wednesdays


with Ms. Courtney

Get ready for an exciting Workout Wednesday with Ms. Courtney from Dancing on the Go, perfect for children ages 2 and up! Join us as we embark on a fun-filled journey of movement and dance. Led by Ms. Courtney's infectious energy, children will engage in interactive games and lively dance routines designed to enhance their physical development. From stretching and balancing exercises to groovy dance moves, every session will be filled with laughter, learning, and plenty of fun! So, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to move and groove with Ms. Courtney every Wednesday.

Join us every Artsy Thursday for a creative adventure with Mrs. Raeann, perfect for infants to school-age students in our after-school program! Delve into the colorful world of art as Mrs. Raeann guides children of all ages through exciting artistic activities. From finger painting to mixed media projects, each session is tailored to engage and inspire young artists at every stage of development. With Mrs. Raeann's encouragement, children will explore different techniques and materials, fostering creativity and self-expression.

Artsy Thursday

with Mrs. Raeann


Community Leaders

Join us every Friday for Community Leader Enrichments! Our students, ages 2 and up, will enjoy interactive visits from various community members, learning about their roles and contributions. Interested in participating? Call us today to schedule a visit!

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