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What is Wonder Academy Tutoring?

At Wonder Academy Tutoring we believe that all students are creative and responsible and should be challenged to perform independently as key problem solvers of our future. We utilize the researched based "Gradual Release of Responsibility” learning model coined by  Pearson & Gallagher (1983). We use this method to customize our student’s learning and academic development during their tutoring experience. As an academic tutoring center we specialize in the development of elementary students needing assistance in any subject, test taking skill(s), and/or standardized test preparation. We also offer academic enrichment for students needing to be challenged beyond their current grade level. Your child deserves all of the advantages. Register for Wonder Academy Tutoring Today!

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Woman Tutoring Child

Why Choose Wonder Academy Tutoring 

  • For Elementary Students Kindergarten- 5th Grade 

  • Taught by Certifed Elementary Educators 

  • Customized Learning Plans & Curriculum 

  • Choose Your Schedule

  • Consistent Progress Monitoring 

  • Individualized Feedback

  • Boosted Confidence

  • Holistic Education

  • Flexible Pace

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