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Wonder Academy Tutoring Center is an academic achievement environment founded at the height of COVID-19 when families needed virtual learning and academic solutions fast. Because of perseverance, unwavering belief, and our amazing Wonder families, Wonder Academy thrives with our Learn Beyond the Curriculum program for our current preschool and after school students. We are proud to expand our Wonder Academy services to now include Elementary tutoring! We know that education will happen in and out of school so we secure a dependable, knowledgeable, safe, and inviting environment for students to gain the education needed in a more exclusive setting.  Our tutoring team is dedicated to give your child the advantage they deserve through personalized tutoring services in ALL SUBJECTS including math, reading, writing, science, social studies, ESL, organizational skills, following directions, and more!

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Woman Tutoring Child

Why Choose Wonder Academy Tutoring 

  • For Elementary Students Kindergarten- 5th Grade 

  • Taught by Certifed Elementary Educators 

  • Customized Learning Plans & Curriculum 

  • Choose Your Schedule

  • Consistent Progress Monitoring 

  • Individualized Feedback

  • Boosted Confidence

  • Holistic Education

  • Flexible Pace

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