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Meet the Toddler Teacher

Ms. Melinda Earnhardt


Hi. I'm Ms. Melinda

I absolutely love showing off my creative side. If I can make it, I’m going to; even if it would be cheaper to buy it!! I love all music, and I sing and play the electric bass in my church worship band as often as I can.


If I could, I would be a lifelong student, learning as much I could. I do have an Associate of Arts Degree, and I have completed coursework in elementary education, human services, and psychology. I am actually just shy of completing my Bachelors in Human Services degree.. I started an elementary education degree many years ago, but God had other plans. My heart is happy and fulfilled to work on the preschool level to help tiny humans have AHA! moments. That’s what really does it for me; that’s what it’s all about.


I am SO excited to be on this journey with you and your kiddos. I can’t wait to pour my heart and passion for teaching AND learning into Wonder Academy, the classroom, and this community!! The DISCOVERY starts NOW. I am STOKED!!

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